Table Clock/Wall Clock - Treble
Table Clock/Wall Clock - Treble

Minimalistic clock - Treble.
with simple materials: OSB panel with metal cover in three different colors.
Two possible positions, wall and a table(desk, shelf, console...) 
This simple clock can be suitable for kitchen, dining, living, office situation.

Product Design,
PUBLISHED ON Sep 01, 2016
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"Treble Clock" first was made for Formabilio contest. Despite of not winning the contest and it is not produced, after uploading on the internet it got interest and attention. 

I was asked several times if it was produced. Unfortunately in my country there is no company with similar concept like Formabilio or Progetti, who could produce and sell the clock. 

I think Treble clock, with its simplicity, functionality and colours is suitable for Progetti vision and style.

sophiojSep 02, 2016 10:27PMThank you :)

ValeSep 02, 2016 06:34PMI simply love your design! Very clean and elegant!

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