Circle light
Circle light

An amazing combination of the light and time make the clock functional in all respects. On the one hand it has a standard simple shape, on the other hand it is a floor lamp or a table lamp. The object can be used for different purposes with different needs. At night the clock can be always lit, it makes its exploitation very convenient and gives magical atmosphere to the room. Simple lines creating geometric shapes, make the design clear and elegant. All these characteristics make the clock unique and ergonomic. In the "CIRCLE LIGHT" production you can use simple materials, such as painted steel, plastic and a led strip. The power supply for the led strip is placed at the bottom of the lamp. The color palette is black, white, pick, blue and yellow. All the materials make its production easy and in a combination with the above mentioned characteristics of the product, make its cost profitable on the market

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PUBLISHED ON Sep 03, 2016
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MayaSep 17, 2016 12:45PMGreat!

123JSep 14, 2016 09:44AMLight and clock, perfect idea! :)

madinaSep 14, 2016 09:23AMI want this clock!!!