Andrea Gattironi
from Unknown Location


About me
I'm a former humanist turned designer to follow my passion.
Since childhood I spent more time drawing and imagining stuff than studying, and I am actually baffled that I could finish school, take up university and also do a pretty decent job, only to discover that I yearned to go back to drawing and imagining stuff.
So, now I draw and imagine stuff and feel like a child once again.

I also write a lot, and have the crazy ambition to become BOTH a well-respected designer and an acclaimed writer.
So keep an eye out for me, because you never know... It could be a logo, or a novel, or a cutting-edge edge of a cutter, but I'm definitely going to get someplace.
Wish I knew were.
Diseño de Productos Gráficos, Centre Servef de Formació Ontinyent
January 2016
Virtualización del Patrimonio, Universidad de Alicante
January 2014
Arqueología Profesional, Universidad de Alicante
January 2013
Scienze dei Beni Culturali, Università degli studi di Milano
January 2012
On the web
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